Why is Jaspersoft Building the Wrong Project?

TLDR: No matter what project I open or build, it always builds CustomerDetailsList.jrxml.


I just got Jaspersoft Studio, so I know nothing and am teaching myself. I have two files: CustomerTerms.jrxml and CustomerDetailsList.jrxml; they are in different folders on my server. When I open CustomerTerms.jrxml and the other file is not open and I right click CustomerTerms.jrxml in my Project Explorer and click "Build Project", it builds CustomerDetailsList.jrxml instead. How is this possible?



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Update: I copied the code of [...]Fishbowl\server\Reports\Common\Memo.jrxml, created a new, blank Jasper Report, and pasted that code into it, and saved as [...]\MyReports\Blank_A4.jrxml. I right clicked on Blank_A4.jrxml in the Project Explorer and clicked "Build Project", and Jaspersoft Studio did not build a.jasper file with these contents or name, instead it created the totally unrelated file [...]Fishbowl\server\Reports\Customer\CustomerDetailsList.java.

It's like it thinks CustomerDetailsList.jrxml is what is being selected for compiling.

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1 Answer:


If you are compiling report there is no need to select Build Project option. You can simply compile a report on clicking compile button. Please refer the below wiki article :

For best practices to create a report in Jasper Studio please refer our user guide:

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