Show filter panel dialog in dashboards

I have added a dashboard with filter parameters to my website using the library visualise.js and it doesn't work as expected, because it doesn't show the window where you can assign values to the parameters.

Is it possible to do this? I can see that the source code for the parameter panel was generated, but it is not indicated in the documentation how to make it show up.

JasperReports server is version 8.1.0

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1 Answer:

I recommend checking out this Dr. Jaspersoft session, specifically at this point:

There's a brief mention of input parameters - basically, the call to retrieve a dashboard should include any input parameters (aka filters) which you would then have to pull from the object and build on your web application. This is similar to executing a report in our system - check the Input Controls section of our Visualize.js Guide for more details. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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