How to use Jasper Server Domain from Studio ?


I created some domain with Jasper Server.

I have already connect my Jasper Server to my Studio.

Now I want to create a Jasper Report from scratch with the studio and I want to use my domain.

But when I create a new jasper report I can't choose data adapter for Domain.
I have all my Data adapter I have created to oracle DB and my Jasper server.

Even when I choose Jasper Server I have no domain.

Someone know where is my issue ?



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1 Answer:


To create report based on domain - first need to create data adapter for domain.
While creating data adapter select data adapter type as 'Jaspersoft Server' 
(FYI - attached sample data adapter screenshot "Domain_Data_Adapter.png")

Once data adapter is created while creating new report select already created data adapter.
(FYI - attached sample screenshot which shows report created based on domain "Report_Based_On_Domain.png")

For more details about working with Domains, you can refer the below community article.

Hope you will find this useful.

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