Dashboard viewer with login paramters in URL

Hi all,

I am trying to show a dashboard while passing the login parameters in the URL. The URL looks like:

https://jasperserver/dashboard/viewer.html#/Ad_Hoc_Reports/Dashboards/Test &j_username=jasperadmin|domain&j_password=jasperadmin

But it is always sending me back to the login screen without showing any error. When I login manually, the dashboards is loaded automatically after login.

Any suggestions? I am Using JS Pro 8.1.

Thank you!

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1 Answer:

Hello Julian,


As of JasperReports Server 6.1, you can use non-authentication parameters before or after the hash sign (#). However, if you place general parameters after the hash sign, then on Dashboard Viewer load, the parameters are moved before the hash sign and the page is redirected to the resulting URL. The authentication parameters j_username and j_password cannot be redirected; they must appear before the hash sign. Please refer section "Passing Dashboard Execution Parameters" from below Ultimate Guide for more details - 




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