Header and footer on the loose after upgrade

Hi all,

At my company we are working on upgrading from iReport 5.1.0 to JasperSoft Studio 6.20.0, and with this move also upgrade Aspose.Words for JasperReports from 19.12 to 22.12.
Not sure if it matters but we are using generated XML-files as datasources for our reports.

Most seems to go well but we are having an issue with headers and footers on the reports no longer sticking in the header and footer part of the word documents we are creating and I was wondering if anyone have had similar issues or if there is anything I can look at to fix this. This makes it so the footer isn't always at the end of the document and also gives us one last page with only the header and footer information which can be quite annoying.

It worked previously and haven't changed anything in the reports, only updated versions so was searching for any help.

Even in the preview in iReport and JasperSoft Studio in word the header/footer part don't seem to end up in the header/footer part in the docx document so maybe this is an aspose question rather than Jasper question but asking around to see if anyone knows what it can be.

One aspose thing I found was to et AWExporterParameter.RECOGNIZE_FIELDS = true which we have since before.

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Write you later / Mårten

Edit: Added the main report file as well as the footer report file, thought that might be enough?

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