String Index out of range : 0 jrxml

I am using a paramter in case when. 


Paramter :

but getting this error. 


please help. really stuck with this for 2 days :( 



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If you can give Query then i can give a try and i hope you are not passing a array of string on multiple string value to above Parameter and single value should be passed in the parameter. Sorry to disappoint you but your query is wrong according to me . Just try with this way   

SUM( case $P{OBLIG}
WHEN 'ALL' THEN abs( A.recoveryamount/10000000)
WHEN 'Delivery' THEN

WHEN 'premium' THEN B.premium
WHEN 'excercise/assignment' then B.excercise

an so on

you can do subquery after THEN for 1st calculation part if its mysql or postgre etc. One point to note down each field null value should be handled number column should contain null value 

shreekrishna.shankhwar - 8 months 2 weeks ago

Thanks. Still I got SQL execution error. When tried with Stored procedure its working. 

harismitacbe - 5 months 1 week ago

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