Built-in Function str() doesn't work in List element


If I add str("pdf.text.total") in to the list element. It doesn't work.
But if I add str("pdf.text.total") outside the list element, it works perfectly fine.
Also if you have Table element inside the List element, the str("pdf.text.total") works fine. But somehow I tried to many times in different projects to add any kind of localization with str() it never worked with a List Element.

Does anyone know why this happens ? Should there be any kind of paths set to localization repository ? Or just simple why it works in every element except the List one 

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Made a quick test and it worked fine for me.  Please include information on how to reproduce the problem (Jaspersoft Studio version, JRXML file and so on).

lucianc - 8 months 4 weeks ago

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