Why are responses too few in this forum?

Hi. I am new to Jasper tools and the community here. I asked many questions the past weeks and many of them had no answers. Is there a reason for that? Is it my questions? Or is the community not that interactive?

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In my opinion when I describe my problem clearly with image or resource. I got my answer.
Sometime people don't understand user problem clearly. for that purpose they ignore that.

mahadiosb - 9 months 2 weeks ago

2 Answers:

Hello and welcome to the Jaspersoft Community site! We were undergoing Community update for the past few weeks and there has been some delay answering new postings. We are working to address this quickly. Thank you! 

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Answers in the community are on the basis of when a community member has an answer. If you look at the "Answers" page, most questions get viewed multiple times within a few hours.  Answers depend on the skillset of the community members.  As possible Jaspersoft employees will also look into responding to questions.

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