How not apply page margins on the background image in JasperSoft Studio?

I have TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio 6.8.0. My report has a background image. When I set page margins to i.e 20mm, it's applied to everything on the page(bands and background). I need to apply the margins to everything on the page except for the background so the background covers all the page including margins and the bands start printing after the page margins. Can this be accomplished?

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2 Answers:


One way to achieve this is to use a master report without page margins, just for the background and include the actual report into it as a subreport.

The subreport could be placed in the title or summary section of the master report that has whenNoDataType="AllSectionsNoDetail", while it passes all the parameter values to the subreport using something like:

<parametersMapExpression><![CDATA[new HashMap($P{REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP})]]></parametersMapExpression>

I hope this helps.

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Implement this Report by using teodord logic.
Here attached sample report. Design by JasperSoft Studio 6.20.0

Thanks teodord

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