Jasperreports server - Adhoc View creation wizard doesn't show domains and display a blank screen


I have a strange behavior with JasperReports server 7.5.1

When wanting to create a new adoch view, it doesn't display the pop-up with domain selection and stop on a blank screen. See attached screenshot.

No error in Catalina.out log file, and in access log file, comparing with another sites where it works, it seems to start the good js:

[06/Dec/2022:19:33:49 +0100] "HEAD /stats/runtime/305B56F8/optimized-scripts/runtime_dependencies/moment/locale/fr-fr.js HTTP/1.1" 404 -
[06/Dec/2022:19:33:49 +0100] "GET /stats/runtime/305B56F8/optimized-scripts/adhoc/adhocStartMain.js HTTP/1.1" 200 52561

Of course I tried to restart server, and also renamed and created new "temp" and "work" folders in "apache-tomcat" folder

Any help or idea would be appreciated, thanks in advance



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