JasperReports Server Installers not found in download/zip file

I've downloaded the TIB_js-jrs-cp_8.1.0_bin.zip file from https://community.jaspersoft.com/project/jasperreports-server/releases

Where, for now, I just want to install an evaulation version.

The Installation Guide says:

"The installers have the following file names:

  • TIB_js-jrs-cp_8.1.0_win_x86_64.exe
  • TIB_js-jrs-cp_8.1.0_linux_x86_64.run
  • TIB_js-jrs-cp_8.1.0_macosx_x86_64.zip"

But those files do not exist in the zip file. What am I missing?

(If it matters, I'm attempting to install on RHEL Linux)

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1 Answer:

Looks like the binary installer is not available for 8.1 CE.

I'd recommend following "Chapter 3 Installing the WAR File for Production" in the Installation Guide for 8.1 (requires manual Apache Tomcat installation) or installing JasperReports® Server Community Edition (v8.0.0) (including bundled Tomcat and PostgreSQL) and then updating to 8.1 by following the "Chapter 3 Installing the WAR File for Production" instructions.

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