How to stretch grouped cells in jasper report?

Hello, I want to stretch the lines within the group, for which I use box. I need something like this:


To display within the same group of numbers without repetition, I use:

<printWhenExpression><![CDATA[$V{orderNumberGroup_COUNT} == 1]]></printWhenExpression>

where orderNumberGroup - it's just a simple group

<group name="orderNumberGroup">

but when i generate report I received:

(Ignore that for group 2, the number "2" was printed twice - I removed the printWhenExpression condition purely for demonstration purposes. You can see from the red lines that the box is not extended for the whole group. So my question is: how to stretch completely into one cell within one group (in other words, merge)?) The main thing: I need solution without crosstab!!!!

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