Sub reports not showing up as resources when publishing main report.

Hi Jasper Experts! 

I'm trying to publish my main report with 4 sub reports. The issue is when I publish the main report the sub reports don't show up as resources. 

I'm able to publish the sub reports individually but as I add more sub reports this will become tedious. 

In the main report the sub reports expression is: "repo:Subreport1.jrxml" and the connection expression is: $P{REPORT_CONNECTION}.

On the server I manually added the 4 jrxmls for the sub report as resources. 

I know there is a way to publish the main with the sub reports included but not sure why they arn't showing up. The main report & sub reports all run and previews fine both on the server and in studio. 

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1 Answer:

Hi friend.

- Make sure that the subreport ID is the same as what you call it in the main report. (repo:id)
- Make sure you pass the connection.
- Make sure to pass the parameters required by the subreport.
- Make sure you have data in your datasource.

If that doesn't work, go back to JasperStudio and run the subreports individually to determine what's going on.


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