Two column groups next to each other in crosstab


Is it possible to have two column groups next to one another in crosstab? Is it also possible to have "normal" cells afterwards? I would like to have an report in which there are some columns with regular data ("name", "surname"), followed by two column groups ending with Total ("level <num> - A" and "level <num> - B") column followed by more "normal columns" ("OtherData" and "SomeData"). Please see attached picture to clarify what I mean. Is it even possible to add column group next to one another? Every time I try to do it in TIBCO Jaspersoft Studio it adds below the first column group

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1 Answer:

I was able to create a layout that is very close.
The instructions on how to create it are very complicated, so I will just show you the key points.

* In the Crosstabulation Wizard, select all the items you want to display.
  In your example, 'Other Date' and 'SameData' are selected as 'Row Items'.
* The automatically created 'Other Date' and 'SameData' text fields will be deleted. The column width is also set to '0px'.
* Delete the text fields in the automatically created grand total.
* Create a new text field to display 'Other Date' and 'SameData' in the grand total.
* I will omit the detailed explanation, but please note that the 'Layouts' of each item must be changed to 'Free Layout' in order to be placed properly.

The concept is summarized as follows.
* Create a cross tabulation table using the wizard as usual.
* Delete the row items that are created by default and rearrange them in the total tally area.


* Design Image

* Preview Image


I hope this will be helpful to you.



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