Jaspersoft Mobile links to reports not working

From the browser links within reports to other reports (demo & mine) work as expected.   From JasperMobile links to other reports fail.   Have confirmed with 1x IOS and 2x Android devices.   

Running Jasperserver v 8.0.0 Build: 20211116_2238 in a LAN test environment using http and addressing the server by IP address

Issue present with both JasperMobile v 28 Aug 2017  from Google Play and v2.6 from App Store.  As these are both nearly 5 years old unsure if they are now deprecated or only work correctly with ealier versio(s) of Jasperserver. 

Alternative of accessing server from mobile browser only works in "desktop mode".  JasperSever does not appear to be responsive down to to mobile screen sizes

Veteran of CR but new to Jasper.  Please go easy on newbie ignorance!  

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@yama818  Thanks for the update.  I suspected as much with the app being 5 years without an update.  Surprised there isn't an EOL message on https://community.jaspersoft.com/mobile 

charles_28 - 9 months 1 week ago

1 Answer:

This is information sharing only.
Unfortunately, it appears that JasperMobile is no longer supported.

Support Policy: Retirement Notice for the TIBCO JasperMobile 2.x application family

I have confirmed that it was usable up to JRS 6.4.
However, it did not work with JRS 7.5.


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