Page break in Ad-hoc Report

Hi all,

Does someone know how to force a page break after each column group in an Ad-hoc report exported to an PDF In Jasperserver V8?

According to this solution (Force a Page Break After Every Group In Ad Hoc Table Report | Jaspersoft Community) it should work but in JRS 8 we only have columns not groups as in the screenshot and I also cannot find the necessary setting in studio, the Group field is just not there:


Is threre any documentation about this?

Thanks :)



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2 Answers:

I am using JRS751 and have a similar problem.

It happened in the following steps.
1.Create AhocView + AdocReport
2.Display AdocReport --> OK
3.Change AhocView and save AdhocView
4.AdocReport display --> NG

It did not occur at the time of the following procedure.
1.AhocView + AdocReport creation
2.Display AdocReport --> OK
3.AhocView is changed and AdhocView + AdocReport is saved
4.AdocReport display --> OK

I had thought that saving AdocView where AdocReport exists would automatically be reflected in AdocReport as well.
However, I learned that this is not the case in this operation check.

You may want to try the above procedure or delete and recreate AdocReport once and see if the situation changes.


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Thanks for your feedback.


I re-created both the Ad-hoc view and the report but I still cannot configure that there will be a page break after each group.

Do you have a change to upload a .jrxml where it works?


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