Stretch text in TextField


Do you know, how to stretch text for text field for the whole width in Jaspersoft?

Preview in Jaspersoft stidio is fine

This is when the report is generated in Jaspersoft reporting server in Clarity. As you can see text is not aligned at the end of TextField

And this is when the report is exported in PDF from Jaspersoft reporting server.

The issue is, when you want to limit the text for certain number of characters, then the number of characters is different in Jaspersoft studio preview and in Jaspersoft Reporting server, because reporting server???? does not fulfill whole width of text field with characters.

I am using Chrome browser to generate report in Clarity application.

Could you help me, please, how to manage this "weird" behavior?



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1 Answer:

One way I know of is to change the browser settings.

First of all compare the display in 'Firefox' and 'Edge'.
From this we can determine that it is a browser dependent event.


Next, change the browser's minimum font size to 'Tiny' in the Edge settings.


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