Some unicodes are displayed as ☒ in PDF

Hi Team,
I am facing the following problem when generate Japanese font in PDF.

-The PDF output is displayed with "[U+2B746]" as "☒".
-Font is "IPA mj Mincho", and this character code is included in Font.
-Although there are exceptions, the characters that cannot be displayed correctly seem to be the characters after "U+29C9C" in Unicode.

※"U+29C9[0,1,4,8-B]" existing in Font was displayed correctly, but "U+29C9[C-E]" was displayed as "☒"

↓ PDF output

↓ IPAmjMincho character list
Attachments:image2_IPAmjMincho character list.png

・ However, "U+246D7" is displayed as "☒".
↓ PDF output

↓ IPAmjMincho registered character list
Attachments:image4_IPAmjMincho character list.png

The following are supplementary unclear points.
-Even if a character is "☒" by itself, it may be displayed normally if two characters are consecutive (depending on the order).
↓ PDF output

・ IDE: Jaspersoft Studio 6.19.1
・ Font: IPA mj Mincho
・ PDF Viewer: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Ver.2022.001.20117

I would like to know how to display it correctly or what range the characters displayed with  "☒" are.
Please help us..

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Back when I was in the Newspaper industry I would use Ghostscript and Ghostview to debug my font issues in PDFs.  I'm not saying Jasper isn't the issue but you can get more technical info using those tools to help find the root cause.

jgust - 11 months 2 weeks ago

Thank you for your comment.
Alternatively, I created a PDF from Excel and confirmed that the problem did not occur.
If available in our environment, try it with GS or GSView.

I want to solve it...

mtama - 11 months 1 week ago

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