Jasper report : invalid path for subreports and resources

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I have 2 jasperserver, I exported the report from the first one and imported them on the second one. But when i tried to edit my report using rest service, I have 400 BAD REQUEST because all my subreport path where replaced by repo:subreportName.jrxml.

In my 2 servers I have the same folder hierarchy :


  • organisation
    • project
      • report folder 1
        • report 1
        • sub report 1
        • sub report 2
      • report folder 2 ...

I tried to overwrite the subreports path to have something more global but all my tentative didn't worked. Here a list of all my tentative


If someone have any clue to how I can solve this issue, he would have all my thanks.

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1 Answer:

In my case, I have the subreports in a folder called subreports, so follow the next path


I have placed the address parameter as:

<parameter name="DIR_SERVER_SUBREPORTS" class="java.lang.String" isForPrompting="false">

So in the subreport I only have to place the parameter + the report

$P{DIR_SERVER_SUBREPORTS} + "subreport.jrxml"

Note: Do not use - to separate words, as this is not recognized by jasperserver, use _ instead.

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