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I have jasperreports server 8.0.0 installed on a windows server 2019 with an Apache httpd 2.4 server in front of it. All the datasources get the data on an Oracle database.

After a certain period of not generating any reports (I would say 1 hour or more), the first try always return an empty report. Same situation if the call is made from the Apex application or from the Jaspersoft referential. It seems like something falls asleep on the server. As soon as we do 1 try, all the calls after that will show a normal report with data. I had the same exact situation on jaspersoft 7.8.0 but not with our older setup wixh was jasperreports server 6.1.0 and Apache httpd 2.2 on Win serveur 2008 r2.

I haven't found any errors in all the log files I checked on the server. The only thing I noticed is the "GET /jasperserver/login..." instruction in the localhost_access_log always end with 962 when it generates an empty report but for all the other calls, we can see a different number wich seems to represent the number of bytes returned or something like that.


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