WhenNoDataType and inputControls

Hey guys I have a JasperServer running with a simple Report. 


I have created some input Controls for that Report so when I press it I have to enter them and then the Report gets created.


Now I have set whenNoDataType="AllSectionsNoDetail" so I could see my report. Now when using input Controls I want to see all of my entered Values.


My Problem is that I see the entered Data in Header etc but not in Detail where some inputControls are. How can I output everything there is in that report? 


Also what is meant by "DataType"? Is it not possible to use JasperReports as a skeleton with inputControls where I need it? 

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1 Answer:

whenNoDataType="AllSectionsNoDetail" indica que se verá todo el documento excepto los detalles, por lo que no puede ver el valor de sus parámetros en el informe.

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