How to use If condition in my report?

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I have an expression value that returns a quantity, within those quantities it can be a ZERO, what I want is that when $V{carritoreceibos_vR_1} is equal to zero, multiply certain values ​​to zero.





Double.valueOf($F{usuariosservicio_recargoAgua}) * Double.valueOf($F{usuariosservicio_recibosVencidos})


Sorry for the inconvenience but I don't know English.

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1 Answer:

Simply put, I think it can be described by a ternary operator.


But your requirement is to change the value of 'usuariosservicio_recibosVencidos' itself?
If so, it must be written in the SQL for data retrieval.
However, I don't think we can use $V{carritoreceibos_vR_1} within the SQL.

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