Jaspersoft Studio Pro 7.9.0 User Configuration and updates where to find

We are using Jaspersoft Studio on Windows Server 2019. The server will be cloned and published with VMWare Horizon.

When we first start the Studion we can see in the lower right corner, that someting ist downloaded from the Internet and installed on the server. I think that this are the plugins.

Publishing applications with VMWare Horizon works as follows:

- we install software on a master server

- then the master is cloned and published, that means that every user is working on the clone.

- if the user changes his settings (or plugins are downloaded at the first start), they are stored at the clone

We now need to know where all this is stored, because we can configure Horizon to save all this and copy it to the next clone, if one is published.

I have found the directories:



c:\users\xxx\appdata\roaming\Jaspersoft Studio

But when i delete these directories for testing, I wont see that at the next start something is installed as mentioned above.

And I cannot find updated files in c:\program files (x86)\jaspersoftstudiopro

What happens when we first start Jaspersoft Studio? Why doesnt it happen again when i delete these directories?

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