Condition to display a chekbox checked or not on JasperSoftStudio.

Hello everybody, 

I've a question  on jasperststudio.

I would like to write et condition on the editor expression  to check or uncheck a chekbox .

For example  

$F{XVI-Etu : 05}== Yes  ? Checkbox checked: Checkbox unchecked

And then  i'll run the report i need to get this:  



There is someone who can i help me?











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1 Answer:

1. Prepare the image for CheckOn.
2. Prepare the CheckOff image.
3. Place the image component.
4. Set an expression in Expression of the image component.

*How to write the expression
$F{XVI-Etu : 05}== Yes ? Checkbox checked URL of the image: Checkbox unchecked URL of the image

*Example of an expression

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