Cascade Control Must Select Second Multiple Times for Values to Submit

I have a set of 3 controls which are being used in the cascade and reprt can be run at any point depending on the amount of detail you are looking for.
The first is Company which poulates the second with Employee which poulates a third with a Specific Compny Control Number.

However, when I select something from the first set the second controler is populated. 
If I select something from the second controler the third is not populated and if I run the report here it acts as if the second control had not been selected.
If I get out of the report and start over, select something from the first controler and select from the second controler and then select a different value out of the second controler the run the report it works.
If I make the second selection from the second controler to get the values into the third I have the same behavior of having to select values in the third controler a second time for them to be recognized.

Product Edition: Enterprise
Features: AUD MT EXP Fusion AHD DB
Product Version: 7.5.0
Build: 20191206_1508
License Type: Commercial


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