How can i integrate my app to Jaspersoft® Studio?

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It depends on wjhat byou mean by "integrate?  I'm assuming you want to integrate the reports designed by Jaspersoft Studio into your application.

Jaspersoft Studio is a desktop design tool and as such cannoot be integrated into another application, although the reports created can.

The ways to integratereports / visualizations into your app:

  • Using JasperReports Library to code the executioon of the reports into your application. (Available in both commuity and commercial verisons.)
  • Embed using REST services. (This is available in both community and commercial versions, but requires the deploymnent of JasperReports Server which may have licensing implications with your application.)
  • Embed using visualize.js javascript API - (This is only available in the commercial edition ogf Jaspersoft, but is the easiest way to em,bed reports in your application.)



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