How to make this kind of Table?


Hey, Please help me make this type of table.


The category of thing (Beverages & Food) needs to be dynamic, and so is the sub-category (ex. alcoholic & non alcoholic).

i tried using crosstab, but didn't succeed


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groups, not crosstab

gustavofarias - 1 month 4 weeks ago

so, in table component? using Groups?

nanonano - 1 month 3 weeks ago

why do you need table component? You can do what is in the picture just usind column header (yellow part), salmon group, inside it the gray group, and the detail in white.

gustavofarias - 1 month 3 weeks ago

1 Answer:


I think it can be done by using groups as gustavofarias said.
If you want to group by date as well, it would be difficult to do so without adding one more line for the date.
In other words, add one more group and place the date there.

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I hope this is useful to you.


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