Field from dataset pass as parameter to subreport

I have a main report using a Dataset.  I think have a List that uses a sub-dataset.  In that sub-dataset I have a field returned that I want to pass to the sub-report as part of one of the parameters.  Is there a way to do this?  

Currently, if I do the Edit Parameters I can only see values from the main report and I don't see any values from the sub-Dateset that is used to populate the list.  I tried to figure out of the Parameters Map Expression would work, but that does not work either.

Any assistance is appreciated.

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1 Answer:

I would like to begin by declaring that I may not understand your question.
Therefore, please understand that it may not be helpful as an answer.

* Assumptions of the report structure

 --> parameters > Param_main
 --> Variables > Variables_main



 --> parameters > Param_sub
 --> Variables > Variables_sub

* Case1:main --> sub

list > Dataset > prameters
The setting here passes 'Param_main' to 'Param_sub'.


* Case2:main <-- sub

list > Dataset > Return Valus
The setting here returns 'Variables_sub' to 'Variables_main'.

Note that you need to be aware of the 'Evaluation Time'.


Preview image.

I hope this is useful to you.


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