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Is there anyway formula that can pull from two seperate dates from on data point and us the most current date.

The one below Pulls a due date for GH01YM but there another data entry for a Waiver Date that I would like to use if that one has a more current due date. The second formula is what ive been trying to work on.....

Max(IF("Task ID" == 'GH01YM', "Due Date"))


Max(IF("Task ID" == 'GH01YM', "Due Date", "Waiver Dt"))

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1 Answer:

The IF statement is a combination of “Test condition” , Value 1 (if true), Value 2 (if False).

if Due Date<Waiver Dt then  Waiver Dt  else Due Date

It‘s preferable to perform calculations and comparisons in query

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