Sum with Crosstab iReport v 3.7.1

Hello everyone, I hope you can support me with a problem that I have.

I am making a report using crosstab, said report shows the number of cases of disease according to age group and sex, from this I must obtain 2 totals, one by sex and the other general. The general total I get it without problem. but when wanting to obtain the total by sex, it shows me as if it were a general total, for example, in the first row, it should show me as the total of the masculine 3 and as the total of the feminine 0, so on and in the penultimate row it should show me masculine 0 and feminine 1. I already tried to use conditions such as .equals ("M") or = "M" or == "M" but it gave me an error or null values.

I hope you can support me to solve this problem.

In the image you can see the problem.


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