JasperServer, how to save changes to .JRXML

Guys, I'm new to using with iReport, JasperSoft and JasperServer. I recently integrated JasperServe with JasperSoft to be able to create a "Unique Value List" in my report's search filter. Example: No filter the person will choose the status (marked, free, etc) of a certain day in the schedule. I couldn't do this on JasperSoft and saw that on JasperServer it's possible and I've already done it. But I need this saves the .JASPER and . JRXML to export to another system that uses and only accepts these extensions as well. No JasperServer can't export .JRXML.

My question is this... is it possible to create this filter directly in JasperSoft? Or, how do I save the changes I made to the report on JasperServer to jasperSoft's .JRXML files?

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Were you able to find a solution for this?

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