Passing Parameters from Map Markers to Another Report


I'm new to Jaspersoft and I encountered technical blockers on creating maps that triggers subreport/hyperlinked report when the marker is ticked. 

I created a map with marker. The intention is if I click on the marker, the details related to the marker will be displayed to a subreport or to another report (report url used as hyperlink). 

My issue now is that I don't know how to pass parameters from marker to the subreport or the other report. 

For the hyperlink option, I tried including the id of the record in the URL but it didn't work. 

Has anyone tried this? Thanks.


Also, regarding the marker, I tried adding tooltip by populating the Title on Marker Properties. The value I put in is a field parameter, but when I loaded the page, it had an error. Kindly advise.

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