Problem importing custom class when using Studio as Eclipse Plugin


I've created a custom class I use as a "DateHelper" for setting time ranges in report parameters.  In the standalone Jaspersoft Studio, I include my .jar file in the project's Build Path and import the class in the report.  This works.  If I do the exact same thing using the Eclipse plugin of Jasper Studio, the report will not compile.  I get the following error:

Only a type can be imported. gms.reporting.DateHelper resolves to a package


When I set the import field in the report designer, the search assistant will find the class just fine.  For some reason, it does not seem to be available to compile the report and I am not sure where else to look to resolve the problem.

Currently using Eclipse for Committers, 2020-03  with the latest, 6.17, version of the Studio plugin.

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