How can i change BGColor of Fields from Dataset?

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I have an iReport file where I pass a dataset via a Java program. The dataset contains letters that are written in different fields. In this case: Field1 = "S", Field2 = "B", Field3 = "", Field4 = "R",... . In the iReport file I have everything ready, so the dataset fills a table in iReport super over each $Fields. Now the question is, how do I change the background color? In the end, for example, the fields in the table that have the value "B" should be red, the field "R" should be orange, and so on. I have already tried it with Conditional Style but when I want to add a Style/Con.Style and try to insert the fields under "Condition Expression" they are not available in the menu. So all the fields coming from the dataset are not displayed?

How can I color the fields anyway or address them first in the "Condition Expression" menu?

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I found a solution. I need to put all of the styles directly in the XML-Editor and not over the DesignGUI. While Jaspersoft dont accept my Fields in the DesignGUI the way directly in the XML accepted  Jaspersoft without Errors. DatasetFields were found.

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