How to insert fields from different dataset in the same report?

Hi all, 
in Jaspersoft Studio I need to define different dataset (different query) in same report. Then I would like to insert the fields from all the dataset in the report. 
If I define a subdataset JasperSoft doesn't let me insert its fields in the report. 
A subreport is not a solution for me because I have to insert fields from differente database table in the same report band. 
How can I do it? 

An example: 
I need to generate a pdf  whit data from 2 queries:

- the first query with the data of the document

- A second one that get the values for the labels. These values are stored in a database table created by an ERP procedure.

 Thanks a lot!

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1 Answer:

You should be able to use the list to show it as field and blend it in. List can have different dataset.

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