Text fields are not filling in the empty space available

I have a report where I do not want the text to overflow and only fill in the allocated textbox. When I preview the report the text does not fill in the textbox properly, there is lots of empty space and because of this the fill text is not displayed. 

Is there a setting that I must check to have the text fill the whole box properly but not overflow?


I am running Jaspersoft Studio 7.10

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I have run into something similar long ago. It happened when I changed fonts of textFieds. I don't remember if I was using font extensions. When doing the calculations of the spaces and line breaks, jasperreports was considering one font, that has its width, but to exhibit the result it was using another font with another width, causing a difference between the preview and the exported report.

In your case it seems to happen in the preview.

gustavofarias - 1 year 10 months ago

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