I have created a parameter like this: "For Client: " + $F{LEGAL_NAME} +" and Deal ID: " + $F{ENTITY_ID}. The parameter should print for each new Group of data. But instead the save exact Legal Name and Entity ID print for every data grouping. Help!

Parameter skipping data changes and defaults to the last record extracted by the SQL statement.

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Thanks for the answer.  I actually changed from a parameter to a variable and got the results that I need.  

James.Rogowski1 - 1 year 10 months ago

1 Answer:

Check the evaluation time for the box you are showing the parameter in. If its evaluation time is report it means that it fills only after all report is ready so it will be filled with same value. Change it to now or a group you have in your report. Note that the section must be able to change too.

Hope Helps

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