Introduction to report processing. Help please...

Hello to everyone,
First of all, I apologize for my bad English.

Friends, backend with rest service (json) in java,
I am also making frontend applications with html and js libraries.

I need reportings.
Jaspersoft is very advanced and has many options and I am really confused.

What I want to do is to show the report designs I will create in the web application, but I could not understand where and how to use which tool.

My server is Ubuntu 18, Web Server is Apache2 + Apache Tomcat8
I need your help.
Guidance will be greatly appreciated.


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1 Answer:

The way I did it was I used jasper studio to set up ready made reports.
The reports need to have parameters to run EG a user id and a start and an end date.

I then put the reports on the jasper server.

Then I build the rest calls to the jasper server in my java application.
and I connect to the jasper server using rest calls.

You will need to set things in the application like
the jasper server URL
a jasper username and password
a path to report on the jasper server
the report format you need eg: "PDF"
And in my case the user id and start and end dates.
The best guide would be the "TIBCO JasperReports Server REST API Reference"

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