Upload new jrxml file via REST API

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Hello. I would like to use REST API for Jasperreports server. I have there already created reportunits. Now I made some changes to jrxml files and wants to upload them via REST API.

When I use POST method, new reportunit with new jrxml file is created. If I use PUT with "overwrite?=true" than my existing reportunit is completely overwritten. But, it's not suitable for me as I need to have all images and inputControl files left intouched. I would use PATCH method, but it seems not be supported by Jasperreports anymore. Any advice if my main goal is possible to achieve? To sum up, I need to update only one jrxml file, nothing else. 


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1 Answer:

Don't mess with the descriptor.  Just upload the new JRXML file using the resources API to the files directory:

    /public/Samples/Reports/<some report uri>_files/

Or upload your JRXML files separately then reference them in your report descriptors instead of storing local.  This way you can simply replace the referenced JRXML file.

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