Importing Existing Reports into Jaspersoft Studio


I have several folders filled with reports that were created in iReports years ago. Any solutions on how to import all of these exisitng folders into Jaspersoft so that I can edit them?

Thank you

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If you just need edit those files in a new version of Jasper Studio, simply add them to your 'my reports' workspace and you should be able to pull them up. If youi're referring to publishing that content to jasper server, they likely aren't going to be immediately compatible due to version specific conflicts (For example, 7.5 has attributes that aren't compatible with 6.3 etc). That would be easy to test out though. There is no readily available way to create/publish mutliple report units, but you might be able to script the process as Jasper Server's 'import/export' functionality is available via the command line.

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