datasource password lost after restart


Hi, we are running jasperserver on an AWS fargate container. since upgrading to 7.5, we added some new datasources for postgres jdbc with user/pass for our reports to connect to( added via UI ).

whenever a fresh container is launched, the reports that try to connect to these new datasources get an incorrect user/pass exception and we need edit the datasource connection in the UI, reentering the password and hitting save.

Any reports that use datasources we created before the upgrade to 7.5 do not get this issue. 

I think this is something to do with the new encryption changes in 7.5. 

how can I get the same encryption/decryption keys saved upon new jasper installs/containers? can someone tell me what is the correct encryption setup for this please



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Same Problem here. Can somebody help? Everytime we restart i have to set datasource and user passwords. Old users are working fine.

robert.roeper - 4 days 59 min ago

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Hi ,

We need more information to understand the actual issue

1. Are you sharing same keystore keys  across all the containers ?

2. If you sharing the same keys , how you are sharing the keys ?

3. And also could you confirm keys are copied to the container ?


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