Is the 3rd-party repo down

We have several builds that have failed this morning.  We are getting the error:  

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project PRPS_ReportManager: Could not resolve dependencies for project Could not find artifact org.olap4j:olap4j:jar: in prps-repo (<a href="file:///var/jenkins_home/workspace/prps_al2/m2repo/">file:///var/jenkins_home/workspace/prps_al2/PRPS_Workspace/PRPS_ReportManager/../../m2repo/</a>) -> [Help 1]

The site from were we download is - We get a 404 whe trying to go there.

Is the site down for some reason? Thank you.

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2 Answers: has been replaced by, you need to change the repository in your project to



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Regarding the answer above: I have a dependency on japserreports 6.1.0.  The pom for that version has the repository specified -- I'm not specifying that in my project.  How do I get around that?

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