When is content in repository changed? - for specification of backup/restore


This question concerns backup requirements for the postgresql repository database.


I would like to specify a backup scheme that provides protection against data corruption (like postgresql internal corruption, file system failures etc.).

To do this properly I need to know something about the changes made to the data in the repository database.

My hope is that a periodical backup (say - once every night) will suffice.


From the documentation on managing the repository I get that the contents of the repository is changed when:

- Report definitions and privileges are created or changed (either by administrators or users)

- On report generation if "Data snapshots" are enabled

Have I missed something?


I still have to ask the application vendor about if users can create or change reports and if data snapshots are enabled.

But I hope someone can provide some insight into the possible consequences of a dataloss - for example when restoring a postgresql backup (pg_dump) from the previous nightly backup.





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