Plug-In does not work in JasperStudio 6.11.0


Hello everyone.


I currently work on an Eclipse plug-in for Jasper Studio 6.11.0.

I set up a workspace following a tutorial i found here.


When I test my plug-in with the Eclipse plug-in development tool using "Launch as Eclipse Application.." everything looks good. The plug-in starts and i can use it (see below).


When I export the plug-in and drop the Jar in JasperStudio\dropins\eclipse\plugins (I also tried just JasperStudio\plugins) nothing happens. It is basically like the plug-in would not exisit. No messages in Error Log, noting. 

My last plug-in was for version 6.8.0 in this version everything works fine in that way.


What am I missing? Can somebody help?






Started with dev tool form Eclipse:

Started as plug-in jar in JasperStudio:

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