How to display (format/p) styled text and Html on same text element

I have requirement where i want to process styled text and HTML text on same text element.

Code example:

textElement textAlignment="Left" verticalAlignment="Top" rotation="None" markup="styled"

     font size="9" isBold="false" isItalic="false" isUnderline="false" isStrikeThrough="false" paragraph lineSpacing="Single"


Note: removed less than and greater than sign from above code

in above component it should allow to process styled text and HTML text together.

Issue with above code snippet is when we pass html text it displays html code as it is on report(HTML tags getting displayed on output report) also in same component if we change markup="html" then in that case styled text getting displayed as it is instead of formatting/processing text.

So need suggestion for jasper report element whenever we pass styled text and HTML code on same element it should work properly.

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