Localizing text in Jasper server reports using database


Jasper reports provide an option to localize texts using a concept call resource bundle. For this, there should be a pre existing properties file (each of different locale) which has predefined key value pairs of the text and thier translations. In my case, these texts and translations are not predefined can are generated or changed by user in runtime. Changing this file runtime does not seem a feasible option. Since the database already contains the synced translations of texts, i would like to use database to translate the texts in jasper. And i would also like to use exitsing Jasper inbuilt functions lile '$R' or 'str' to render these translations. Also, please note, using query to translate the texts is not feasible either, since the reports already contains complex queries. I searched to achieve this with database with no luck. Is there any way to do this? If not, any good alternative?

Many thanks, any help is appreciated.

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