How to merge multiple identical crosstabCells to one cell


I am using jasper reports crosstab report element. So far i managed to define row groups, column groups etc.

However i am struggling with merging multiple crosstabCells (these are the regular detail cells, with no rowTotalGroup or columnTotalGroup attribute declarations within their body) into one cell horizontally.

Here is example what i have now:

   static text   |   static text   |   static text      nothing is displayed for total, sum dosn't make sense in this case

         3           |        6           |         1        |        10 (total cell)

This is what i need to achieve:

                          static text (merged crosstabCells in one cell)

         3           |        6           |         1        |        10 (total cell)  this row shouldn't be merged

Is there any idea how to achieve this?

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