Jasperreports Server [ultimate guide] - community edition - Not-able-to-follow


I am getting started with the Jasperserver (Version: 7.8.0 Build: 20200807_1412).
I have installed the server on both Ubuntu ver. 20.04.2 and Windows 10.

I am using the community edition and the chapter starts with this caution:

" If you don’t see some of the options described in this section, your license may prohibit you from
using them"

So my guess is ofcourse that the features below, like the 'create'-menu' is not available for the Community-Edition - in that case , what path should I take in the Guide to get aquinted with the functionalilty etc ?

I am going through the TIBCO JasperReports Server Ultimate Guide (js-ultimate-guide-7.9),
as well as the 'JasperReports-Server-User-Guide' located in the '/docs'-folder

I am logged in as the user 'jasperadmin' or 'joeuser' - to see the difference.

In chapter 2.1 'The Report viewer and Conditional Text'
The only menus I see are the following: 'Library'/'View'/'Manage' - there is no 'Create'-menu.
So I cannot follow that step-by-step guide starting with (1) Select Create > Ad Hoc View from the menu.

In chapter 2.2 I am running into discrepancies  and this section

" JasperReports Server has
several report templates in the Public/Templates folder of the repository."

I don't see that 'Public/Templates'-folder.

I hope that you are able to help me out here, so that I can get started with the Community

best, Ingimar





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1 Answer:

you are using a community edition so you can't create an AdHOc view

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