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I am able to export the data into three sheets in excel. xls  from jasper ireport ,after getting open my excel i got three sheet names which i given x y z ,but i want my data to be  reflect only sheet wise for example x details i need to get in x sheet ,y details into y sheet & z detials in Z sheet , but all my data is combining into single one sheet .

for example table name vinod having three columns  x y z ;

select x,y,z from vinod;

after exporting i need to get in excel (bottom of sheet X sheeet,  Y sheet ,  Z sheet ) ;

please any one try to help what to do already in menu bar > tools > options > export options > selected excel > (selected first 4 otions) side sheet names i have given x,y,z.

hope give any suggestions what to do.

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1 Answer:


Page Properties add these Properties

value =>true

value #X/Y/Z

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