Jasper Server With WebSeal SSO and LDAP Authentication

Hi All, 

I have installed Jasper Report Server v7.8.0 in my machine, and have successfully connected to LDAP. I can now authenticate my user using LDAP identiy.

However, in real case, there are 2 situations:

1. Users would authenticate using WebSeal. So I need to implement a SSO solution that can accept WebSeal user crediential

2. User direct accessing Jasper Server, which means they are not accessing Jasper Server though WebSeal SSO. So the server need to support LDAP as external authentication too.

Is there any way that Jasper Server can handle WebSeal SSO solution without checking password?

And is there any way that can implement WebSeal SSO solution and LDAP external authentication at the same time?

Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.


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